VIDEO PROOF: Sorry Trumpers and Libs, Ted Cruz Did NOT Ignore Carly Fiorina Falling Off a Stage

It should be no surprise to anyone who is informed that Trump fans and rabid liberals would be on the same page on something, since it happens all the time. Both groups love socialized healthcare, both groups love allowing men in women’s restrooms, and now both groups are telling a fresh new lie about Ted Cruz. In this case, that he’s a heartless cad. It’s easily disproved by the second video in this post. But first the dumbocity:

Yes, that’s Raw Story, so the headline isn’t unexpected, and one can reasonably suspect is mostly snark. But check out Trump website Conservative Treehouse:

Those Trump Kool-Aid drinkers are serious. If you think they aren’t serious, go search for how Trump crazies talk about Megyn Kelly. Or even better “The New World Order.” The Trump ones …. they mean it. And it is SO dumb.

This is such a dumb story that it pains me. This is painful on my inside parts. But this is 2016, and people are voting for Donald Trump on purpose. So everything is stupid. Yay for us.

Anyway, as you can clearly see from this alternate angle, not only was Ted in no position to see Carly’s stumble, but she didn’t even really fall off the stage. She went down, she got up.

I would like to reiterate how dumb it is that this dumb thing is a dumb story and that people are dumb and everything is dumb and dumb dumb dumb. The end.