BREAKING: New Game-Changing Poll Shows Ted Cruz CLOBBERING Trump By Double Digits in Indiana!!


A new poll is out today, and the results are great news for Ted Cruz, #nevertrump, and basically America in general. Ted Cruz is slaughtering Trump with a double-digit lead.


From The Hill:

The Texas senator leads the real estate mogul 45 percent to 29 percent among registered voters, according to a poll by the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics.

Let’s repeat that: 45 to 29 percent. That’s a 16 point lead. The poll was released in Indiana on Friday afternoon, and is widely respected in the state.

Terre-Haute, Indiana’s Tribune Star reports:

The Downs Center commissioned a statewide poll to target likely voters in the Democratic and Republican primary elections on May 3. “The polling uses head-to-head race results as well as the strength of support and characteristics of candidates’ supporters,” the release stated. “It is important to note that the results reflect a snapshot in time of Hoosier attitudes in a period with very fluid campaign events. The poll’s margin of error is 4.9 percent.”

The result, of course, is well outside the margin of error of 4.9% and has a 95% level of confidence. Basically even if it were off by 4.9%, it would STILL be a double-digit lead for Cruz. It differs from the polls conducted by national outfits, both in result and intent. From the pollster’s release:


The Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics is a non-partisan organization that helps the people of Indiana understand the role of politics and government in their daily lives. By doing this, The Mike Downs Center hopes to encourage participation in political and public processes the same way its namesake, Professor Michael C. Downs, did for more than 34 years. The Mike Downs Center is located on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW).


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