WAR: Alabama Town Defends New Anti-Target Bathroom Law Against Blistering MSM Assault [VIDEO]

The Oxford, Alabama City Council this week unanimously passed a law, directly in response to the Target controversy, governing the use and availability of public restrooms in the jurisdiction. Predictably, LGBT groups have attacked the town as monsters who want to destroy all transgender people or whatever hyperbole they felt comfortable mustering. Naturally, the MSM is in line with the activist groups, repeating their talking points and point of view as if it were objective truth and demonizing the town of Oxford.

In response, the city held a press conference where they defended their position and refused to buckle under the pressure.

One of the city council’s greatest responsibilities is to promote and provide for public safety for our citizens and visitors to our city. With that, there have been those who are so politically immersed in political correctness they become blind to the unsafe conditions their policies create. So when unsafe enviornments are created, we as leaders are charged to stand up and protect our citizens. This ordinace addresses that.

As I said last night at our meeting, this ordinance is not being put in place out of concern for the 0.3 percent of the population that identifies themselves as trangender. In fact, it’s being put in place to protect the women, children, and family from voyeurs, exhibitionists, child molesters, sexual predators, and others who would use these policies to their advantage.

Council President Steven Waits clearly states that the city has no concern that anyone will be troubled by the tiny percent of people who call themselves transgender. Instead, the law is aimed at the obvious and inevitable unintended consequences of a policy like Target’s, which you will recall would allow for a man, dressed as a man, sporting a man’s stubble, to use the women’s restroom without objection. That is an absurd situation.

You may think Oxford’s solution isn’t the solution to the absurd situation that loudmouth activists and pushover corporations like Target have put us in, but it is better than doing nothing. The fact is, this wouldn’t even be a problem, if the activist left hadn’t made it one.

And now those activists are trying to intimidate Oxford, Alabama, just like they intimidated Target and just like they do anyone else who opposes their agenda. So far, like North Carolina, Oxford has not surrendered.

“Social media is amazing,” he said. “We started getting calls, emails, the same day, and it escalated by day.”

Waits said the Oxford Target already had a unisex bathroom that would have accommodated anyone of either gender, making any policy change unnecessary. He also said the city is not concerned about losing Target’s business, though he has been in contact with Target officials today. He would not say what conversations had taken place.

Stay tuned.

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