EXCELLENT: Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina As VP Candidate [VIDEO]

Senator Ted Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his pick for his Vice Presidential nominee on Wednesday afternoon, shifting the narrative away from Trump’s “big” foreign policy speech. The campaign also revealed the new logo and website for the pair’s general election campaign, should there be one. Opinion alert: This was a great event, Carly is a great pick, and this is all great news.

I’ve said many times my favorite thing about Carly is the way she handles the media. She’ll do that for the next few days and it will blow people away who have never seen it. And of course, she is incredible during political debates, which will be great when and if she faces off against whatever puppet Hillary sticks her clawed hand into.

Also the new logo looks really good. You can trust me on that. I’m very logo-smart. I once met a logo.

The website is ready to go at www.CruzCarly.com and is well put together. Here’s an excerpt from the front page:

Just like Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina is a fighter. She fought her way to the top: from a secretary, to the first female CEO of a Fortune 50 company, to a 2016 Republican vice presidential candidate.

Honestly, I have hoped ever since she suspended her campaign that Carly would be the VP pick of whoever the eventual nominee would be, other than Trump. It’s terrific to see her on the ticket with the only conservative in the race. It’s right where she belongs.

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