Elderly Frat Boy Eric Bolling Weighs In On Carly With Crackpot Theory That Cruz May Dump Her [VIDEO]

Citing no reason whatsoever, sleazy pretend tough guy Eric Bolling, who continues to not know anything about politics but talks about it on TV anyway, suggested this afternoon that maybe Ted Cruz would dump Carly Fiorina during or after the convention. Because .. well why not say that?


Just seems like he’s trying to pull anything out just to hold onto, maybe hold on to Indiana and who knows, it doesn’t mean Ted Cruz would keep Carly Fiorina as his Vice President nominee, nominee, if he were to earn the nomination but it doesn’t look like it’s happening.

Were you amazed that the badly aging Bolling had the gall to bring up class? Join the club. Seriously, we’re printing membership cards and collecting dues. It’s that amazing.

Bolling is a Trump-panderer from way back who, we can assume, still has designs on being an apprentice, if not “The Apprentice”, to his Orange and Terrible Majesty, the Donald. In his inexplicable role as news and politics talking head on The Five, Bolling makes a point of stumping for Trump as often as possible, usually with cheerleading from Kimberly Guilfoyle (who you can hear egging him on in the above clip) or military service-basher Andrea Tantaros, another Trump huffer.


Liberal co-host Juan Williams asked the overweight Bolling, who you just know is hiding several gold medallions and a track suit under his work clothes, what exactly his smear was meant to imply, but the loudmouth know-nothing didn’t answer of course. Instead he just laid another sneer on saying that Juan is a “TrusTED” guy.

Will Bolling ever have to explain his totally off the wall smear? Of course not. This is Fox News. You need permission from Donald Trump to use the bathroom there. You know, unless you’re a dude who wants to use the ladies’ room, then all’s fair.



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