TED CRUZ SPEAKS: Don't Believe The Media Hype On Trump, Race FAR From Over [VIDEO]

Just before the polls closed tonight, Senator Ted Cruz spoke with supporters at his headquarters in Indiana, and warned them about the media narrative they’ll be hearing tonight. The inevitability argument. Trump supporters should ask themselves why they are so all-fired excited about what their most hated foe the MSM says about this race. But of course they won’t. Even so, this pep talk from Cruz is an important reminder.


Why do they want you to believe it’s over? Because nearly all of the MSM is in the tank for Hillary, he says. I would also remind you that Trump v. Hillary would be a ratings bonanza for these mega-corporations, and passing on that kind of bread for something so small and unvalued in the news business as integrity is not a very realistic expectation.

It’s a good narrative. “Everything is over and Trump has won.” But it’s not real. Everything isn’t over. Sorry Trump supporters, but it just isn’t. And it wouldn’t be the fair, democratic process you all loudly claim to support if we called it before it was over. If you cared as much about the voice of the people as you say you do when things don’t go your way, then you would want to wait until all those voices spoke.


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