The Last Domino: DELAWARE Called For Donald Trump, Completing Clean Sweep

In the final call of the night, CNN and the AP have called Delaware for Donald Trump.

He has already been called the winner in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

What remains now is to see how much the margin of victory is in each state, and what the delegate apportionment will be.


Connecticut (with 22% reporting) – Trump at 59.4%, Kasich at 26%, and Cruz at 11.9%
Delaware (with 70% reporting) – Trump at 59.5%, Kasich at 21.2%, and Cruz at 16.2%
Pennsylvania (with 1% reporting) – Trump at 67.3%, Cruz at 17%, and Kasich at 13.1%
Rhode Island (with 23% reporting) – Trump at 66.6%, Kasich at 21.7%, and Cruz at 10.5%

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