First Exit Poll Info From Super Duper Tuesday Is In, And On The Delegate Process ... Uh Oh, GOP

Bad news in the exits. Remember there are a lot* delegates up for grabs today. And on that topic …


CNN reports that 68% of voters in Connecticut say that if nobody gets 1,237 the nomination should go to the person who got the most votes anyway. That means 68% of the voting Republicans there today have bought in to Trump’s propaganda and lies about the nomination process. Sorry, that’s what it means. It means they don’t care how many people vote against him, as long as he has more delegates than the next guy.


In Maryland, 66% say the same thing. And in Pennsylvania, 70% of people say that.

This could be an early indicator of Trump’s top-line strength in these three states. Previous polls have shown that about 15% or so of voters who do not vote for Trump feel this way about the nomination process. Stretching that math out to the limits of speculation, it wouldn’t be out of the question to foresee some above 50% wins for Doom tonight.


Pennsylvania’s Republican primary voters were asked if the nomination season energized the party or divided the party. 58% say it has divided the party, which is pretty obvious. But again, that could mean a strong philosophical lean toward Trumpism. Anger at the party, instead of anger at the harbinger of doom tearing America to pieces. (Trump.)


CNN finds that 53% of voters in Pennsylvania are dissatisfied with the Federal Government, 40% are “Angry”, 6% are satisfied, and 1% are enthusiastic. Which tells us that 1% of the voters in Pennsylvania are out of their ever-lovin’ minds. In Maryland, the numbers are also 1% enthusiastic. They are 9% “Satisfied”, 51% dissatisfied, and 38% angry. That sounds like both Trump and Cruz voters, but not such good news for Kasich the big government man.


This is just some early data, but the voters views on the delegate process is a key metric. And a tell. And not a good one. Not if you care about the future of the United States of America.


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