Ha ha: Actress Rosario Dawson Brings Up Monica Lewinsky and Hillary People Freak [VIDEO] [POPCORN]


Actress Rosario Dawson has been very active on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders, and she has not feared to tread in the role of Hillary attacker. This weekend she cleverly and subtly threw in a Lewinsky reference that will make your heart sing with its simple bite.

“I’m with Monica Lewinsky.” The obvious play on “#ImWithHer”. Beautiful.

And the best part is the Hillary people are tripping out about it. In fact it even made it onto the Sunday talk shows, with Hillary fanbois appalled that Bernie seems to be “okay” with it, or that he failed to “condemn it.” Bwa ha ha ha ha.

Even better is the reason Dawson brought it up, which is that she is saying the Hillary folks are bullying the Sanders campaign, and they should learn a lesson from Monica about bullying. How great is that? “Hillary should learn from the sad story of how Monica Lewinsky was bullied. You know, by Hillary.

LOLOLOLOL. Another Sunday afternoon funny brought to you by the ridiculous Democrat primary. Just remember how easy we could be destroying them right now if not for … well, you know.