NOT WELCOME? Dad Takes Daughter to Target to Ask About Bathrooms and Their Story Goes Viral

The question of who is being made to feel comfortable and welcome at Target, and who isn’t, should be one of the top questions in your mind before you choose to spend your money in their stores. This week, a man took his six-yeard to Target to discuss how the bathroom policy works out practically, rather than just find out from blogs or biased cable news stations calling the whole thing a “gay rights” issue, which doesn’t even make sense. His story went viral on Facebook, and already has over 22,000 shares and 44,000 reactions.

Here it is embedded below in its entirety: (if your browser does not support the embed you will see link to his Facebook.)

This is what I’ve written about several times now. The concerns and comfort of millions of parents is being ignored, for the sake of only concerns and comfort of an unknown tiny number of others. There is no good reason. It is gesture.

Don’t shop at Target until and unless they show they care about your concerns, your comfort, and your safety. Inclusive is leftist for exclusion, and it is parents and kids who are being excluded.

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