Ted Cruz and Family's Greatest Hits From CNN's Town Hall Wednesday Night

If you missed the town hall, or were stuck watching the freak show on Fox News (like I was), don’t fret. We’ve collected Ted Cruz and family’s greatest moments from the Wednesday evening special. So catch up!

The Best Put-Downs:

This was compiled by CNN, but it manages to be pretty good anyway.


The Most Adorable “Kid Moment”

Oh. My. Gosh.

As a dad to two amazing daughters, I remember this age. This is perfect.

Best ‘First Lady’ Answer

What I mean is, the best answer I’ve heard from a potential First Lady on what she would do in the White House.

With each passing day, the safe space coed bathroom culture leaks further down the education grade level. Any RedState reader who is a parent knows how important freedom in education has become. And Heidi Cruz’s answer was simply perfect.

And finally …

Best Totally Correct, News-Relevant, Trump Camp SLAM

This one:

Because it makes you nod your head and say “damn right.”

So there’s the highlights. All clips provided by CNN. All quips provide by Ted Cruz and his writers. All fodder provided by Trump’s traveling circus.

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