WATCH: Megyn Kelly Explains Why She Met Privately With Donald Trump At His Lair Today [VIDEO]

We told you earlier about the meeting between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump at his Tower base. Tonight on her show she explained what THAT was all about.

As expected. An interview. And not even a confirmed one. How … exciting?


Personally, I was hoping that they went there for some kind of futuristic, laser-based death match, possibly involving some type of illicit gambling ring consisting of media figures and the wealthy. Like Dan Rather standing off to one side throwing pesos at the floor and making bizarre, pseudo-Southern references like “that dog won’t hunt cowpokes in the twilight, monsignor.”

But nope. Interview. Oh well.

But hey, at least the network’s many Trump shills like Eric Bolling, Geraldo Rivera, Sean Hannity, and etc. now get to feel okay about chumming it up with the guy who spent months trashing their friend and colleague. So there’s that.

You can’t help but wonder if someone pressured Kelly into this “meeting,” even if it was just a little pressure. It’s not unimaginable. I’m just saying.

Come on, Fox News. Get it together.



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