Trump Goons Now Giving Out HOME Addresses & Phone Numbers in Colorado **UPDATED**

Updated below.

Roger Stone has been threatening to send angry mobs of rabid Trump fans to the hotel rooms of delegates in Cleveland to make sure they vote the way he wants them to. You know, intimidating them into voting for Trump by storming their personal space. This we already know. Many of us have predicted that this was just going to be the beginning of their brownshirt tactics. The floodgates would open because they were told it was OK, just like they started beating up dissenters as soon as Donald gave them the go-ahead. Trumpbots are nothing if not compliant and obedient to their King.


And that prediction was correct. Take a look at this reaction to the legal, duly executed Colorado caucus (we blurred out the personal date even though it is widely available now):


Note the crazy number of retweets. This is just one Trump follower, but amplified 600 or more times. The screenshot of this tweet is also making the rounds on Facebook and being used in reply to threads on blogs all over. It has spread like wildfire, and almost exclusively by those who agree that this is a reasonable thing to do.

And it’s not just this one man’s info. Take a look at these tweets:


That is one of my personal favorites, since A) nobody is doing that and B) the “& more” is very telling indeed. Will Trump be asked if he supports this? Will Roger Stone? Will the “and more” be part of the question?

The answer is no. No one will ask them.



Without regard to race or gender. How open-minded.

That was it for personal information at the time of this posting. But there is another tweet that kind of says it all.


Roger Stone and Donald Trump and all their little cable news mouthpieces are the ones stoking this fire and inciting this activity. And it will only get worse. They are telling you they won’t accept the rules of the party, the convention, or even the laws of the United States. They don’t care about that. They have their messiah. They will see him crowned whatever the cost.


For people who complain about democracy and the Constitution, they sure don’t give a crap about trampling on it. And it’s just exactly what the pied piper wants.

“Will not be allowed.” They heard his whistle. They know what to do. And they’re doing it.

UPDATE: The fruits of their labors: death threats.


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