WHOA: Lefty Talker & Former MSNBC Host Throws EPIC Fit Over Delay, Gets Thrown Off Flight [VIDEO]

Cenk Uygur is the host of The Young Turks, a wildly popular liberal YouTube show, and a former Current TV and MSNBC host. You’ve probably also seen him as a guest on cable news. But today you get to see him in a very different situation.

I think that’s enough lead-in. Take a look at this clip from his own live webcast from when his flight was delayed by about four hours today.

That’s just an excerpt mind you. There’s like 40 more minutes. Liberals, you may recall, often bash conservatives as angry people who have no respect for low wage workers. Well here is one of their talking heads totally abusing people in a service industry because of a delay that, I think most people will agree, is not the fault of the gate agents. And without adding any commentary, I would suggest taking note of his response to the female supervisor at :33 seconds.

Okay one comment. Dude.

Even after the plane arrived, the former MSNBC host wasn’t finished ranting.

He was almost as angry as a Donald Trump rally. Even for a dude known for rants that was a serious rant.

In any case, leaving aside the constant moralizing from lefties about right wing anger, let me just say as an angry right winger who takes a lot of flights that … I feel your pain, Cenk. I have to be honest. The truth is … I feel that. Airlines are the devil. I might have thrown a similar (if less .. yankee) fit.

But uh, I probably wouldn’t have live streamed it, you know? I’m just saying.

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