POPCORN: Forget 'Unqualified', Watch Bernie's Campaign Manager Blame Hillary for Rise of ISIS!!

There’s not much to add to this clip. Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver pretty much blames ISIS on Hillary’s foreign policy, and by extension, suggests her foreign policy as president would benefit the terror group.


I think if you look at her record and campaign, her campaign is funded by millions and millions of dollars from Wall Street and other special interests. She’s made a deal with the devil, and we all know the devil wants his money in the end. So that’s the kind of campaign she’s running. She supported the terrible trade deals which have devastated American manufacturing in the country. She supported the war in Iraq. She continues to have a very, very hawkish foreign policy that has led to the rise and expansion of ISIS throughout the Middle East.

You know, the word “popcorn” is thrown around a lot these days …

Seriously though, the war between Hillary and Bernie has rocketed up about 500 notches this week and if you are an all day news consumer like some of us cursed beings are, then it has been a most welcome change in the cycle from the endless replays of Trump statements, Trump campaign speeches and other Trump-friendly press.

The downside is remembering how our field looked before the charlatan joined in and thinking of how in the bag this whole thing would be right now were it not for His Clownishness.

Sigh. Still … enjoy.



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