Trojan Horse, Huh? Scott Walker Destroys The Dumb Idea That He Only Endorsed Cruz to Stop Trump

Donald Trump, who previously claimed that nobody would ever work with Ted Cruz, lately complains that too many people are working with Ted Cruz. He also says Cruz is being used by the establishment for the sole purpose of stopping the Trump Train (a fitting nickname for something hurtling to such spectacular wreckage.)


His supporters and surrogates love to float the names of those who will be swooped in at the convention to replace both himself and Cruz. One of those names is Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, about whom they’ve been particularly conspiratorial-minded the last few days, for obvious reasons. Here’s what Walker thinks about that.

The bottom line is I am a hundred percent behind Ted Cruz, I didn’t come out against anybody I came out with Ted. I put the whole power of my endorsement, my organization, all my supporters behind making a very clear case that Ted Cruz wasn’t a default choice for me he was the choice for me. I’m going to support him not only here in the primary, I’m going to support him all the way through the convention.

You can’t get much more definitive than that. Walker isn’t playing a game here, Trump fans. He’s endorsing the candidate he thinks is the best choice for President. So are a lot of other people. Sorry it wasn’t your charlatan.

Also I’m not sorry.

h/t The Right Scoop


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