Eric Bolling of Fox News Is An Idiot When It Comes To Trump Support [WATCH]

Let me clarify that headline. Everything that’s wrong with that particular brand of rabid racist scumbag Trump supporters you see on social media every day is too long to list here at RedState. It would exceed the collective memory storage of the internet to go through a comprehensive accounting of the exhausting number of things wrong with that slimy band of despicably miscreant losers whom Trump excites, animates, and panders to. So we won’t. Because that’s not who this is about.


Fox News host Eric Bolling is not them, or even very like them. He might claim he’s not a Trump “supporter” per se, but … come on. What he especially is, though, is everything that is wrong with mainstream, non-degenerate Trump supporters like himself and a few others who are, generally, or at least were previously, not particularly high-risk potential serial killers. He’s what is wrong with the normals who are in Trump’s camp. The human beings. Why?


Do you see what happened there? Greg Gutfeld is talking about the fact that this primary has driven an enormous, painful wedge into the Republican side of the political spectrum that is making enemies of friends and generally causing a yuge and possibly irreparable rift. He says it is because of the Trump campaign, and of course it is. Everyone knows this. Trump knows this. It’s not only obvious, it’s something many of his surrogates brag about. People who write favorably about him cite it as a positive feature of his campaign: the needed rift; the reckoning.

So we know it’s Trump. And Bolling knows it it’s Trump. But what does he say?

“We’ve gone from, ‘I don’t like that candidate. I don’t like what he represents. I’m not going to vote for him. Here’s why’ to, ‘If you like him, you’re an idiot. You’re a jerk. You’re helping him become the nominee.’ And people are so angry. Everything becomes personal. It’s never been this personal before.”


That is a blame shift. The problem isn’t Trump, see, it’s really all you other people who call Trump supporters mean names. That’s the problem.

I mean, nevermind the aforementioned army of bats**t lunatics who rave about him every day. And not rave like you rave about someone’s great job marinating a steak. Rave like you would rave that Abraham Lincoln traveled here from the past to set your Cheerios on fire and that’s why you had to kill that homeless guy. Raving Trump fans who are all over the internet, who are attacking people and posting disgusting photoshops of them that are retweeted by Trump. Nevermind them. Nevermind those lackwit goons tossing every possible insult at every possible person who fails to worship at Trump’s feet, every anti-Semitic slur, every racist code word (and not coded word), all in support of Trump and all with his campaign’s wink and nod, not to mention the tacit approval of the less overt scumbags who excuse it under the guise of fighting political correctness. Forget those people and their insults raining down like fire 24/7. Forget their calling Bolling’s coworker a whore. Forget their smearing of five innocent women with disgusting allegations and doctored “evidence.” Forget the campaign itself calling reporters delusional and Trump himself calling people losers and liars and too many other personal attacks to count. Forget all that.


It’s the people who call those people “stupid” that are the real problem.

Jedediah Bila, too, says there is candidate worship to go around, citing Cruz supporters who attack when she criticizes Cruz, which of course bolsters Bolling’s claim. Because, yeah, these are equal crimes, right? Cruz supporter says you’re an establishment hack (they’ve said to me many times), Rubio supporter says you’re a low-info sucker (again, many times) … that’s the same exact thing as a Trump supporter calling you a **** *** **** ***** in a **** for **** who licks **** so go back to **** where your kind comes from.

Totes samesies.

Bolling is willfully blind. He and his fellow non-dirtbag “mainstream” Trump supporters, the other people who seem otherwise not terribly evil, you know, the normals … they all make the same excuses. They offer the same unthinking equivalance: ‘Both sides do it.’ ‘Everyone is to blame.’ ‘Nobody is innocent.’

Garbage. That’s garbage, Bolling. In the rarefied air of Fox News fame and the land of pinky rings in which you reside, I’m sure supporting Trump as a middle finger to the establishment feels rather rebellious and is probably a rush, but out in the real world we have real monsters among us, and you’re giving them cover. You’re telling them that what they are doing is not only not so bad, you’re telling them it’s not nearly as bad as someone calling them an idiot.


Do you know what that makes you Eric? An idiot. I’m calling you an idiot. So in keeping with the theme of the people with whom you’ve thrown in your lot, you should now respond “in kind” by accusing me of having sex with Ted Cruz for money. Or perhaps you can rough me up in case my pen is a nuke. Or maybe punch me in the face while I’m being dragged out of a rally. Because that’s the same as calling someone an idiot right? In fact, it’s not even as bad.

You know what mainstream Trump supporters should do? They should clean house. Because until you clean your house, it’s dirty. And your house is pretty **** *** **** ***** in a **** *** dirty right now. Until then, do spare us your whining about being called idiots. You jerks.


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