Ted Cruz Mentions Kasich Would Be "Tremendous Addition" To An Administration, AP Oversells It

Here is a fairly attention-grabbing headline from the Associated Press on Twitter this morning:


Oooohhh, “suggests.” Ahhhhh, “entice.” This is one sexy story. Let’s see what’s on the other side of the click.

Cruz noted that it’s mathematically impossible for Kasich to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination. So the only role Kasich is playing now is that of a “spoiler” by taking votes that could have gone to Cruz. And that is only serving to help front-runner Donald Trump, Cruz says.

In an interview Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Cruz said of Kasich: “I think he’d be a tremendous addition to an administration.”

Cruz also praised his latest endorsement from Jeb Bush, saying it proved his candidacy has drawn broad support among Republicans.

Uhh. Okay. I feel let down.

That’s the most innocuous kind of enticement on the planet. It’s like hitting on a woman at a bar by telling her “your eyes are like two masses of tissue through which you process light into data.” He said “addition.” He didn’t give him the keys to the T-Bird.


I pulled the video. It’s even more totally innocuous:

He answered Cuomo’s question. What else was he going to say? “No way man, Kasich’s got cooties bruh.”

I mean come on. And anyway I hope Kasich does join team Cruz. The better to Stop Donald Trump. He should take a lesson from that other governor. Unity.


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