POLL: Cruz Takes HUGE Lead In Utah, Trump Dead Last

According to the most recent poll date from the Salt Lake Tribune, Ted Cruz has a gigantic lead in the state, one which would net him all of the state’s delegates if the caucus were held today.


The Y2 Analytics survey shows Cruz with 53 percent support among likely Republican caucus-goes and if that matches Tuesday’s caucus vote, he’d win all of the state’s 40 GOP delegates.

Coming in second is Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 29 percent, while Trump, the national front-runner, was a distant third at 11 percent.

This is the first poll released in Utah in several weeks, and the only one that has updated data showing the result with the field narrowed to only three candidates. The majority of Rubio voters in the state moved to Cruz.

Even more fascinating is the view of Trump:

It showed that Cruz performed even better among “very likely” caucus attendees, coming in at 57 percent.

Scott Riding with Y2 Analytics said it appears that a bulk of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s supporters went to Cruz after he dropped out earlier this week.

“It is fascinating to see how close Cruz is to wrapping it up,” he said. “It is also surprising how discouraged Republicans are with the direction of the national party.”

The poll found that 81 percent of respondents said the Republican Party had gotten off on the wrong track and 64 percent said Trump would make the party weaker if he became the nominee.

Only 29 percent of the respondents promised to vote for Trump in a general election, while 25 percent said they would write in another candidate, 15 percent said they’d vote for a third-party candidate and 7 percent said they’d back the Democrat.


This is a fantastic bit of news going into Sunday morning’s talk show circuit and shows how national events are shaping the coming races. And it should be no surprise after Trump’s dismal Friday night rally, which barely lived up to the name “rally” at all.

Maybe next time don’t show up in Utah questioning the faith of one of America’s most famous Mormon public figures? Just a thought, Donald.


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