Make America Carson Again (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V)

Alex Pappas at the Daily Caller has an article up this afternoon detailing the plagiarism of a Ben Carson op-ed by Donald Trump in two separate submissions to two separate newspapers this month.


Here is a blockquote of what Alex Pappas from the Daily Caller wrote:

Both pieces appear under the by-lines of the candidates. Carson’s piece, published Feb. 26, was published in the Marianas Variety in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Trump’s op-ed — published in the Pacific Daily News in Guam, part of the USA Today Network — was published 12 days later on March 9.

Those are not RedState’s words. Notice how they are in a blockquote? Because someone else wrote them. Hint hint Donald.

Pappas includes a breakdown of the articles side by side, with the differences highlighted in red. Here is a small taste. An amazing taste.


Yeah, so, that’s the same thing you guys. That’s the same thing, you guys.

Trump can’t stop humiliating Dr. Carson, nor indeed anyone who makes the unfortunate choice to come to his side. He mocked Palin’s injured husband. He mocked Christie while he was on stage with him. He burned Fox News a dozen times despite their gaudy and relentless cheerleading for his campaign, including screwing them out of another debate. And he has made a fool of Ben Carson, who he trashed as being a pathological personality akin to a child molester before using Carson’s Iowa moment for his own gain endlessly.


Carson came to Trump’s table for the scraps. In return, Trump threw him under the bus by suggesting he was right the whole time about how screwed up the good Dr. is. And now he’s straight up stealing from him. What’s next?

You should read the whole article at The Daily Caller, which is the place where the plagiarism article comes from. It was written by Alex Pappas. Not Donald Trump. For the record.



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