Bill Clinton Suggests Hillary Would've Won Michigan if She Wasn't Busy Single-Handedly Rescuing Flint

Bill Clinton was in Chicago today campaigning for Hillary and trying to drum up voters, when he was asked by a reporter what he thought about Hillary’s loss in Michigan. If you will recall, Hillary pretty much refused to answer that question during the last Democrat debate.


Bill, as usual, was more forthcoming. And unintentionally hilarious:

“I mean in Michigan, we always knew it was gonna be close and, we made a decision to try to make sure we did as well as we could. Hillary spent a lot of time in Michigan just trying to help Flint. She wound up spending relatively less time campaigning.”

Darn you, Flint! Look at what Hillary gave up for you!!! She could have slaughtered Bernie even worse in delegates.

Heh. Just a nice reminder that the Democrats are idiots too, you guys. (And commies to boot.)


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