Yale Snowflakes Find New Boogyeman That Requires No Halloween Costume


Remember that time the precious Yale snowflakes wanted to be safe from scary Halloween costumes? And by scary they meant “insensitive” or “offensive” as opposed to, well, scary? Yeah. So those folks, those “safe space”ers, have a lot of demands. As college students, they’re pretty sure they know what’s what in the world. Among their many and diverse (ha!) interests, for example, they of occasion demand that their university’s endowment divest from companies dealing in fossil fuels, and companies that do business with or in Israel. Because global warming and Jews.


So now these snowflakes are upset about something brand new and exciting. Are you excited? Well here it is: Their university’s endowment invests in companies that provide correctional services.

Wasn’t that awesome?

The sad fact is that due to a variety of reasons, including Hillary Clinton, the US is more reliant on private contractors in the correctional space these days than some might like. But rather than fighting for things like sentencing reform and other criminal justice reforms that might result in a justice system with more justice and almost certainly less prison overpopulation, instead of prioritizing that, the Yale safe spacers want to deal with the problem by depriving contracting companies responding to a federal government-created need of capital.

This is despite the likelihood that if they weren’t there, we’d be arbitrarily releasing up to 20% of federal prisoners due to no ability to house them. And it is fine to be opposed to private prisons, but A) using the endowment for social justice is bad and B) these companies provide much more to the government than just imprisonment. Without the private sector money such investments bring in, the US Marshals would be in a bad way, because they rely heavily on private contractors. Without these companies you’d als probably have men, women, and children with no violent or criminal past but are illegal immigrants being held in county jails with actual violent criminals, because of lack of places to put people. That doesn’t sound very social justice-y to me. And you’d have way more unionization in the correctional space, which probably means, among other things, more officers able to get away with treating prisoners badly, which is a real thing that does happen from time to time and the unions are an obstacle to stopping it. Yet again, something you would think the Yale snowflakes would be, you know, against.


But hey, capitalism, energy, Israel and non-PC Halloween costumes = BAD, right bro?

This is the perfect example of the wastrel ways of modern liberal politics. Failing to create meaningful change or effective policy in favor of silly ploys and feel-good grandstanding. That’s what kids are learning in college. That’s what the next generation is learning as “political involvement” or “civic duty.” Nonsense. They’re learning dangerous, careless, thoughtless nonsense.


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