LOL: Even Democrats Are Busting Hillary In Blatant Lies Now [VIDEO]

This video is actually hilarious on multiple levels. First, the obvious one, it’s just hilarious how easy it was to catch her in this lie.


Second, you could always strike “lie” and blame senility. Another hilarious route to take.

But what’s really funny, though, is that it is from Bernie supports. Click through on the Tweet to see the Sanders and Clinton camp going at each other.

It’s the Clinton effect. Once a Democrat breaks free from the enchantment that makes them believe the Clintons are the top of the heap, then the floodgates open and all her lies become so easily identified, so readily mocked. The same thing happened in 2008, which makes the fact that it has to happen again all the more remarkable. A testament to the image rehab Obama gave her by appointing her to State. She is a total liability and you can tell how bad by what happens to Democrats when they wake up and smell the Clinton.

Republicans have a lot of problems. We got 99 problems. But Hillary ain’t one.

h/t Weasel Zippers


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