BOOM: The Most Powerful Statement of Endorsement Ted Cruz Has Received To Date

This is Ted Cruz’s second big endorsement of the day, and it’s related to the first. Earlier, Cruz received Carly Fiorina’s endorsement, which is a big deal. But this is even bigger, and it’s because of the first one.


I’ve got to just let this tweet speak for itself:



This is not being cute with the word endorsement. Think Progress is endorsing the idea that Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz are a huge threat to the publicly funded Planned Parenthood abortion machine. That is a big deal.

From the article:

Though she didn’t mention abortion in her endorsement, both Fiorina and Cruz are notoriously against pro-choice policies and Planned Parenthood.

During her campaign, Fiorina repeatedly hurled aggressive attacks toward the women’s health organization, which she accused of selling fetal body parts for profit. During her most talked-about debate performance, Fiorina said sting videos at the organization showed an aborted fetus kept alive to “harvest its brain.”

But this isn’t just the opinion of Think Progress. The article points out that shortly after Carly’s endorsement of Ted, “Planned Parenthood issued a statement slamming Fiorina and Cruz, saying they have created “an echo chamber of lies” about the organization.”


That’s right. Planned Parenthood is afraid of this pair, claiming they’ve “created an echo chamber of lies” about the organization. What that translates to in TruthEnglish is that Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina aren’t afraid of Planned Parenthood, aren’t afraid to expose them, and aren’t afraid of the truth about their funding and their body part sales.

Planned Parenthood is endorsing the idea that Ted Cruz is their number one foe. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call a serious endorsement.


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