Hillary's Most Outrageous Lie Yet Is This Whopper ABOUT Her Honesty

Hillary Clinton has taken the title. I’m calling it. She’s a bigger liar than her husband. Mind you, this was not an easy achievement, but she has done it. Because there is no more ridiculous lie than the one she told CNBC this week.


“There wasn’t a single one of those that was marked classified, either sent or received. That hasn’t changed. I said make them all public. I’ve been the most transparent public official in modern times as far as I know.”

Bwa ha ha ha ha wut.

The chuckling, the dismissiveness … these are Clinton 101. When you know you’re in trouble and that people are starting to wonder if you’re shady, laugh it off and pretend like it’s all very silly. Hillary’s flippant attitude is a pose she’s accustomed to, wondering what difference it makes and doing her best Nixon pose after being questioned by congress.

Transparent? Ha! I mean, unless you count putting classified information in a compromising position on a private server and sending it via unsecure emails on an open network as being “transparent”. Transparent to potential hackers, I’ll give her. She can have that one.


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