Things MSM Never Show, Episode A Billion: Ted Cruz During #GOPDebate Commercial Break

If a child is fussy on the campaign trail and shows it, the press play it endlessly. Even worse, liberal blogs and liberal jerks on social media are complete pricks about it. Snarky, scummy, jerks, per their nature. Partly this is because so many of them are soulless, childless, godless heathens, and partly because they think they are clever and smart and better and appropriately cynical and urbane. Ugh.


But when a politician has a pleasant moment with his family, that gets nada. Unless your last name is Obama of course. So it will be interesting to see if any of these leeches bother to note this heartwarming moment from a commercial break during last night’s GOP Debate on Fox News. I wouldn’t hold my breath but I guess it’s possible.

IJReview tweeted the video:

Now, it would be nice if I could write a nice post about how nice a moment his is, but honestly I think there’s more value right now in pointing out the extent to which the media conduct a 24/7 onslaught against Republicans on every possible front in order to minimize them, ridicule them, and generally make them the pariahs of American society. It is pervasive and despicable and they will gladly use a man’s children against him if they think they can get a little snarky shot off to the cheering of their dead-inside audience.


Yes, Democrat jerks, Republican families love each other, too. Sorry not sorry. Now shut up.


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