BOOM: Hobby Lobby Founder Says 'Under No Circumstance Could I Vote for' Trump [VIDEO] #NeverTrump

Today on Fox Business Network, host Neil Cavuto interviewed the founder of Hobby Lobby David Green, who yesterday endorsed Marco Rubio for President.

During the course of the lengthy interview, Neil asked Green if, given the choice between Hillary or Trump, would he support Trump for President. Here is is his answer:


Cavuto asks if he could support Trump if here were nominee. Green responds:

Under no circumstance could I vote for someone that I feel like can do much, much damage to this country.

After a few minutes Cavuto asks more specifically, given the choice between Trump and Hillary, if Green would vote for Hillary. This was his response:

I don’t believe I could vote. I would have to stand to one side.

That is an unequivocal #NeverTrump from the man behind the company that is standing up for exactly what many evangelical Trump voters claim to care about: their right religious freedom and to refuse to participate in activities that go against their faith.

It seems that Green won’t compromise his faith for a government healthcare mandate OR for some charlatan trying to win an election. In both cases, he refuses.



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