Trump Goes Back To Birther Well AGAIN - This Time It's Rubio's Citizenship He Questions!

Trump’s plan with his crazy followers online and even offline is pretty simple. Tell lies, float conspiracy theories, never retract, and his rabid base will repeat them as gospel ever after. It works like a charm.


He’s lied about 9/11 on many occasions. He lied about Sen. Coburn and Ted Cruz. He went birther on Cruz, and now he’s gone birther on Rubio too. (It’s a strategy his surrogates use too, by the way. If you have the stomach, read That Detestable Harpy‘s Twitter some time.)

This is what Donald retweeted on Saturday:

He loves the retweets. It lets him signal white supremacists, racists, and lunatics that he’s on their side while maintaining some faux ignorance the media largely lets him get away with. But he didn’t just retweet this conspiracy theory, he also spoke about with George Stephanopoulos this morning.

He doesn’t know if Marco Rubio is a citizen. You know, because he isn’t white. So … papers, please.

h/t Downtrend


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