The REAL Donald Trump: Come Get To Know Him

“You’re certainly welcome to your own opinion, but this is what contributed to mine. As I give courtesy to diverse opinion on the topic, so do I expect it in return. “- Dana Loesch

Today, conservative talk radio host, Blaze TV host, NRA star, author of Hands Off My Gun, Tea Party activist, and general defender of freedom and liberty Dana Loesch has taken a huge step in the fight being brought to bear against Donald Trump’s bid for the GOP nomination.

Dana has put together the most comprehensive and authoritative take-down of every myth Donald Trump fans swallow, believe, and perpetuate online and offline that can possibly be constructed, in a blog post and the video below.

It is devastating.

It is detailed.

It is critical.

Both the article and the video from today’s #DailyDana are must-review material. I have said a few times that are things so absolutely important to understanding a subject that a person can’t be taken seriously on it if they have not at least reviewed them. Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism is that to the debate of freedom versus socialism, for example.

In the discussion of who and what Donald Trump is, and what his presidency would be, this by Dana Loesch is absolutely as essential. It’s impossible to take seriously any person who wishes to debate the idea of The Donald as a leader who has not first reviewed, at the very least, the material provided in the post here.


If you intend to vote, and you take your vote seriously, then take seriously the opinion of these writers and observers and activists who have been fighting for your belief system for years. Take seriously this serious effort by Dana Loesch to provide a full picture. Dana, who has been on the front lines in the tea party movement, who has an actual record defending your right to bear arms, not just a few choice lines in a couple of dozen campaign speeches.

Take yourself seriously. Pay attention to this. It’s important. It’s the truth.

Not believing Donald Trump is part of our movement is not only a legitimate opinion, it is allowed. The relentlessness of Trump’s rabid base have made criticism of their beloved a scary thing to do. But Dana is doing it anyway because it is important, though there is no doubt they’ll try to make her pay for it. She

And just to reiterate, the reading is all here waiting for you: How I Came To My Opinion On Donald Trump. I urge you not to let tomorrow be too late.


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