On The Campaign Trail, Ted Cruz is Saying What Every Republican Everywhere Should Be Saying Every Day


“This election is for two branches of government.” – Ted Cruz, Spartanburg, SC

SPARTANBUG, SC – Ted Cruz is saying this week in appearances across the state something that we should be repeating loudly to every voter in America every day. This election is about two branches of government: the executive, and the judicial.


It is pretty much assumed that the next President will be appointing a Supreme Court nominee. This is true whether Scalia’s replacement is decided now or after the election, because of Justice Ginsburg. So be it one or two, the next President will be appointing someone to the court. The gravity of that cannot be overstated.

On Wednesday, as part of RedState’s coverage from South Carolina, we reported on a Faith and Freedom Coalition forum in Spartanburg. Senator Cruz was one of the speakers, and he focused heavily on the court.

“We are one liberal Supreme Court Justice away,” said Cruz before each bullet point. One Justice away from the Court telling every person that they have no individual right to bear arms. One away from handing over American sovereignty to a world court. One liberal justice away from courthouses across the country being forced to remove depictions of the Ten Commandments. From banning the cross.

One away from “taking out a chisel” and scraping away the Star of David and the Christian cross from the graves of veterans.

Maybe these specific items don’t come before the court, maybe they do. But there is little doubt, or should be, about where our nation is headed with a liberal Obama or Clinton or Sanders appointee. Religious freedom will lose. Political correctness will win. The First and Second Amendments will lose. The nanny-staters and fascists will win.

Cruz should know. He’s got plenty of experience with the Supreme Court.


Now this may be one of those “fear of the future” moments I wrote about earlier today, but as I also said in that article, it is unquestionably a critical point this election, and we should know what we face.

Every candidate should be making the case for the kind of person they would nominate. Every Republican in every office in the land should be reminding their supporters what happens to the Supreme Court if we lose this election.

Ted Cruz is absolutely right. There are two branches of government being decided. Not only should they keep saying it, but you should be thinking it.

And while you do, ask yourself honestly who you think your candidate would appoint. I implore this especially of Trump voters. Whatever score you have to settle, is it worth 20 or more years of a liberal Supreme Court? Think about it.

We’ll continue to bring your our own observations from South Carolina throughout today and tomorrow. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more.

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