Ridiculously Hilarious: MSNBC's Mitchell Gets Bad Case of the Vapors Over Cruz Ad Mocking Hillary

Or should I say “Hilariously Ridiculous? You be the judge.

I missed this earlier, but lucky for me The Right Scoop didn’t. This is absolutely hilarious. Andrea Mitchell was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning and her reaction to the Cruz “Office Space” campaign ad is … well it’s priceless.

I’ll be honest with you, I love his clip. I do. I’m a This Clip fan. For my money, I don’t know if it gets any better than when she says “new level of lack of civility”. Ha ha ha! Talk about getting your “Well I never” on!

Someone get Andrea a fainting couch. And get me a “passing out from mocking laughter” couch. When she says “especially in the Bible belt”!!!! Dude.

What is she even trying to say? I’m not sure I would “go there”? Go where Andrea? No seriously, I’m asking. Go where? President Obama said Republicans are fear-mongers who are afraid of “women and orphans.” But a movie spoof is too far?

Alan Grayson said Republicans “want you to die. Quickly.” But kicking a server gives you the vapors? Are you kidding me?

It’s a joke. This is a joke. Andrea Mitchell is a joke. And I’m laughing, because it is a damn funny joke.

Democrats are insane.

“I’m old fashioned.” Ba ha ha ha ha. Can’t. Breathe.

Update: This Twitter burn just had to be added to the post:


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