Trump Says Calling Cruz A P*ssy Helped Him Win New Hampshire Primary

More Donald Trump values on display in an interview this morning on “Today”.

Everyone was having a good time so a potential future leader of the free world saying “f*ck” businesses and calling a fellow Republican primary candidate a “p*ssy” is totally fine, moms and dads. Anyone can grow up to be President and act like Leo Getz! (Language warning, obviously.)


What can we expect to see going forward? He’s used sh*t, f*ck, and p*ssy from the stage. Two of those are on Carlin’s list. Will get the whole set?

Maybe. Trump says this helped him win in New Hampshire. The scary thing? Judging by his campaign so far, and the character of the crowds that adore him … he might be right.

h/t The Right Scoop


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