GO TO HELL: Madeleine Albright Offers Dire Threat To Women Who Don't Vote For Hillary

That’s definitely a novel approach to campaigning.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had an unusual campaign pitch on behalf of Hillary Clinton today, suggesting that if you’re a woman and you don’t vote for Hillary, you’re going to burn in hell.


Thinks that’s a misquote? Nope:

Oh sure, you can call it a joke, but only by a little bit. They’ve been pushing the “Vote for her because of her gender” thing constantly. She brought it up in the debates! And aside from not believing in hell in the first place, the old school, establishment Democrat women really think that this isn’t far from the truth. It’s your duty, you see. Because of chromosomes.

Women, it should be noted, in large numbers are simply not buying this from Hillary. But it doesn’t stop her from banging the drum every chance she gets.


You know, Democrat voters sure take a lot of abuse from their candidates (although they don’t get the f-bomb dropped on them and their kids at campaign events so there’s that.)

It reminds of Sen. Claire McCaskill who said that young female voters are basically too dumb or uneducated or worldly to know that they ought to be worshiping Hillary. Maybe this is Hillary’s new strategy? Berate voters. If you saw her “victory” speech in Iowa, it totally fits.


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