Make America Awesome Lets You Send Trump A 'Dear Don' Letter

Make America Awesome PAC wants you to tell Donald Trump to take a hike – which is pretty much the PAC’s entire reason for existing – and they have a new way you can do that. They call them “Dear Don” cards. You know, like Dear John Letters, but they’re Valentine’s Day cards.


Some hit pretty hard. Take a look at this one:

Dude. OUCH.

So when you go to the page here is how it works:

Pick a card to send it to Trump – yes, we’ll really send it to him – and share it with your friends, too.

You select your card, you write a message, and then you put in your email address and a friend’s. They will then send your ecard to your friend AND to The Donald.

I sent mine to Leon Wolf. I said, “here is the card I just sent to Donald Trump, and also you look fat in those jeans.” I feel pretty good about it.

So if you are against Trump and want to let people know in a hilarious way, and also send a Valentine to the Donald, then this is pretty much that exact thing so you should go here.

And then you can tell people what I’m telling them: I dumped Trump. And it felt great.


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