Donald Trump Says GOPers Would Rather People DIE IN THE STREET Than Help Them With Their Healthcare

Today on the Sean Hannity show, Donald Trump was discussing health care and his checkered past on the issue. During the talk, where he conceded at one point that some republican voters might have hearts, he stated that there are parts of the GOP that would rather people die in the streets than help them.


Some Republicans would say ‘you cannot touch that person, let them die’.

But hey, he also paid lip service to the idea that he hates Obamacare. Not that there is any evidence of that other than a loud mouth on the subject once it became politically advantageous to him.

But what you hear in this remark is how he would govern. Just like when he talks about how he wants to fund Planned Parenthood and how the government is going “take care of women,” his inclination is to paternalistic government control. It’s his very essence: I know what’s best. That’s literally the platform he’s running on and he and his supporters say it all the time.
That may be exciting and feel rebellious in a campaign – this guy knows how fix crap – but in practice his belief in his own ability to know what’s better for you than you will have him governing just like Obama. Just like Obamacare.


Because if he doesn’t take care of you, you’ll die in the street. And if you oppose his plan, then you want people to die in the street. Just like a liberal would say.

Just like one did, actually. On the exact same subject. With almost the same words!

Guys. Trump voters. Do you hear this happening? He’s echoing ALAN GRAYSON. Let me throw a phrase back at you that you use on Twitter all the time.



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