Trump Says He Never Asked For Megyn Kelly Removed From GOP Debate, But Is That True?


Sorry, I know when writing the idea is to build up to a big reveal but the answer is no. Nope. Nuh-uh. It’s not true. It’s very not true. Here is Trump saying this very not true thing yesterday.


And he made the same claim on his plane on debate night, as noted by Leon.

But as The Right Scoop notes, that’s all a big load of hogwash. Here is the smoking tweet, which is still live and not deleted from his account:

Busted. Busted is the word you want here.

Trump is a big time important public figure, as he and his fans endlessly remind us. Trump strong. Trump powerful. Trump get thing done. And Trump’s twitter is where he goes to make all of his demands. Also to whine about fairness and call people names and – well basically picture what an 11 year old boy with social interaction issues would do. That.

And it was here that he made his demand, for Fox and all the world to see.

So the answer to my original question is “no.” It is not true. It is a lie that he is lying with his lie hole. Trump definitely asked for Megyn Kelly to be removed from the debate. Who are you going to believe? Him or your lying eyes?


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