Bernie Trash Talks Repubs: 'They Love Families, Can't Stop Talking About Families' ... Um. Burn?


At an Iowa rally on Friday, Bernie Sanders indulged in that favorite Democrat pastime of trashing the very notion of family values and of course, paying homage to his political masters, Planned Parenthood.


“They love families.” What a bunch of monsters, am I right? I bet they even cling to religion.

“When Republicans talk about family values, what they are saying is no women in this room, in this state, in this country, should have the right to control her own body.”

Well that is definitely why people talk about their families, Bern. No other reason.

Abortion-obsessed Dems will never change. They sneer, they mock, the deride the very idea of family and values until they want to use it as a bludgeon, and suddenly Republicans aren’t family enough because gay marriage. Or they trash the very notion of treating the miracle of life with reverence, and then feign deep offense when the organization dedicated to destroying it is not revered and paid homage to.

Also? “I believe we should expand Planned Parenthood.” OK, first of all, this is most pandering thing ever said by a politician, and I say that as someone who was in the stadium for Obama’s Democratic nomination acceptance speech in 2008. But more importantly .. what does that even mean? More fetus parts stores? More funding in general at taxpayer expense? Does it mean anything at all? And what about … well what about this?

Bern. Come on man. You used to be cool.

(Note: Bern did not used to be cool.)



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