Hillary Laughs It Up At Sen. Shaheen's Benghazi Mockery [VIDEO]

At a rally in New Hampshire today, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen bragged about how Hillary Clinton handled and withstood the Benghazi hearings, getting a loud crowd response and thrilled laughter from Secretary Clinton, because what is more amusing an anecdote than answering for American casualties, am I right?


“Eleven hours, Hillary was before that committee. Is there anybody here who thinks that anybody else in this race, Republican or Democrat, could have done what Hillary did? Not Donald Trump. Not Ted Cruz. And not Bernie Sanders!”

Each time the crowd gleefully shouting back “NO!” as Hillary laughs it up.

Hey Senator Shaheen, nobody else in this race, Republican or Democrat, would have been before that committee, or any committee, because they didn’t blow it on Benghazi costing American lives. They didn’t cover it up. They didn’t lie to the victims’ families. This is what you think is fertile campaign ground? “Hey guys, look how awesome Hillary is at having to stand and answer for major screw-ups!” Wow, what a selling point!

What’s the calculus Americans are supposed to make? That Clintons are the very best at withstanding legal proceedings against them? “After all, it took Bill a long time to fold in that ‘meaning of is’ snafu.”


And how about going after Sanders? He’s too old and frail to answer questions for a few hours? Hey at least they’re focusing on policy and substance right? Democrats, as you know, are very serious and respectful and concerned about tone. They’d never go birther on Obama or bring up someone’s age. They’re above it right? RIGHT???

Wrong. Just look at Hillary. She just can’t stop making lemonade out of poor Ambassador Stevens’ lemons, can she?


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