CNN: Radical Islam Is A 'Made-Up Idea'

On CNN this morning, Daily Beast writer Dean Obeidallah was on as a guest with CNN’s Carol Costello to discuss the Saturday Night Live skit that is all the buzz this morning. It is a skit Erick wrote about. And that piece by Erick was a topic of discussion for Obeidallah, who made quite an amazing claim.

This “made-up idea.”

After Obeidallah the “comedian” says that radical Islam is some dumb made-up idea, the “journalist” Carol Costello not only offers no disagreement, but she goes on to say that Erick has simply confused two ideas. “I think he’s confusing two separate issues,” she smart takes. “So, Pamela Geller had the right to put that cartoon con … She had the right to do that. Nobody is really saying she didn’t, right? but you have to talk about exactly why she did it.”

See? Erick has confused what SNL did with what Geller did and, in so doing, invented this new thing called radical Islam that is made up and nobody has ever heard of before or said aloud until this very weekend. Simple!

Although maybe not so simple to those who have been kidnapped, raped, beheaded, blown up, set on fire, or stomped to death in the street.