VENGEANCE AGAINST ISIS: Jordan Executes Terrorists, Including Female Wannabe Suicide Bomber al-Rishawi


deceased In the predawn hours Wednesday, Jordan executed two al Qaeda in Iraq-associated prisoners by hanging, in response to the brutal slaying of Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh yesterday. One of the two jihadis executed was would-be suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi, who is the woman that was going to be exchanged for al-Kaseasbeh.


After the murder of al-Kaseasbeh, Jordan quickly vowed revenge for his death. In a statement, a government spokesman promised “an earthshaking retaliation.” Mere hours later, the two prisoners were dead.

The second jihadi hung by the neck until dead was Ziad Karbouli, formerly a top advisor to al-Zarqawi, the now-dead former leader of al Qaeda in Iraq.

After ISIS burned their Jordanian prisoner alive, citizens of Jordan took the streets calling for blood. Shortly after his death, King Abdullah spoke of him in a televised statement, saying that he died for his country.

The brave pilot gave his life defending his faith, country and nation and joined other Jordanian martyrs who gave their lives for Jordan.

Reporting from multiple outlets around the world make it clear that it’s unlikely Jordan is finished. There are at least four other al Qaeda members in Jordanian prisons will also be executed.

Kill one of ours, we kill six of yours? Yep. That works for me.


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