Comrade Carney And The Case Of The Disembodied Digit

Photos from the home of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that accompany a Washingtonian magazine puff piece this week have caused a bit of a stir online after enterprising reporters and bloggers had a closer look. Take a look at the first one:



First of all, what kind of family are they feeding there? That’s enough food for a small platoon. I see three people in that picture. Three people evidently preparing to go into hibernation.

But secondly, and more interestingly, check out the posters in the background.


Yes, as reported by Business Insider, those are old Soviet propaganda posters. One of the posters encourages men to join the Soviet army, and the other encourages women to take the jobs vacated by the men who have joined the Soviet army. Surely this proves that Carney is a communist and a Soviet-ist and wants to put you in a gulag, and also that he thinks women should work, just not in the Soviet army. #waronwomen

But this incontrovertible proof of Carney’s commie-lust is not the only interesting pic from the spread. Check out this impressive photo of Carney and Shipman’s intellectual voracity as evidenced by their dizzying array of books.



Well I know I’m cowed into silence. COWED I SAY. But alas and alack, there is more here, too, than meets the eye. RBPundit on Twitter has the tale of the take:

Yes bad photoshopping strikes again. The repeated finger is classic photoshop tomfoolery. But of course, there was nothing in the article that spoke so plainly and true as the picture of Jay and the family playing Jenga in the living room.


Truly stunning insights all around, and a rare glimpse into just what makes this press secretary tick.


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