Outstanding New Video From Ted Cruz: Repeal? Yes We Can!

The latest video from the Cruz campaign will get any conservative heart pit-a-patting.

Ted Cruz has a way of speaking directly to the inner voice of the conservative base in America. But this is not due to calculation. It’s because it’s an inner voice that he shares. The rejection of an overbearing government trampling on the freedoms, liberties, and sanity of Americans is as natural to conservatives, as natural to Ted Cruz, as it was to Ronald Reagan and the Founding Fathers alike. It is that natural sentiment that this video so perfectly encapsulates.


The Cruz campaign is having a “Don’t Tread On My Healthcare” money bomb this week. It’s a drive to ensure Obamacare doesn’t see a fifth anniversary. Conservatives like Ted Cruz are this nations best chance for a return to sanity and founding principles.

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