WWGO - December 9, 2013


Today is December 9th. On this date in 1594, Gustav II Adolf, or Gustavus Adolphus (or Gustavus Adolphus The Great, “The Golden King”, or “The Lion of the North”, or his rap name Biggie GA) was born in Sweden. He is widely considered to be one of history’s greatest military generals, and was on his way to becoming one of Europe’s most powerful leaders when he was killed in battle in 1632. His right hand man, Count Axel Oxenstierna, went on to record Welcome To The Jungle in his honor. Also on this date, in 1793, New York City’s first daily newspaper, “The American Minerva”, went in to print. The first headline was “In 220 Years, The President Will Have Misspoke On Healthcare”.


And finally, today is Weary Willie Day, which I too was surprised to learn had nothing to do with Anthony Weiner.

Below, please find today’s news of interest and, as always, consider this an Open Thread.


TSA Seizes Tiny Toy Gun From Stuffed Monkey, Threatens to Call Cops | Gizmodo

Sorry Matt Yglesias, America Needs More Banks | Pocket Full of Liberty

Oklahoma Satanists Seek Statue at Statehouse | Big Government

Notes From A Failed Revolution | Richochet

Probably Illegal and Unquestionably Stupid: Covered California’s Release of Personal Health Information | The Health Care Blog
(h/t @BDomenech)

What Do 65% of Americans Disagree With Nancy Pelosi About? | Bankrupting America

What In The Christmas Is Going On?
‘Tis The Season For Militant Atheists To Whine | Kurt Schlicter, Townhall

Liberal MSNBC Host Gets Extra Snide About Christmas | The Right Scoop

Richard Dawkins Is A Terrible Example For Atheists To Follow | Neil Stevens, The Federalist

What In The Science Is Going On?
MIT Researchers Claim They Created Toughest Tongue Twister Of All Time | Rare

IPCC’s Report on Climate Change: Myths & Realities | Watts Up With That

What In The Tweet Is Going On?


(via Twitchy)


calorifacient kuh-lawr-uh-FEY-shuhnt, -lor-, kal-er-uh- adjective : (of foods) producing heat.
(via Dictionary.com)

Example: Really? Ok fine, here’s one … “It has been attempted on the basis of their supposed physiological destination, and thus they were divided into the histogenetic and the calorifacient substances; the one going, as was imagined, solely to the formation of tissue, and the other entirely to maintain the heat of the body.”
— William Alexander Hammond, A Treatise on Hygiene , 1863

Didn’t see that one coming did you?



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