WWGO - December 7, 2013


Today is December 7th, a date which will live in infamy. On this date in 1787, Delaware became the first state in the United States. So I guess technically, it was just the United State. Also on this date, in 1805, Lewis and Clark made camp on the shores of the Columbia River near modern-day Portland, and began building a fort where they could spend the winter. They used pillows and blankets and, of course, no girls were allowed. And finally, today is National Cotton Candy Day. Because who needs teeth?

Below, please find today’s to stories and, as usual, consider this an Open Thread.


The MacGuffinization of American Politics | Ace of Spades HQ

Greg Gutfeld: Hate Crime Hoax Factory Doing Great | The Right Scoop

Time to Fix the Obamacare Mistake | Brian Faughnan, Townhall

The Party of Legal Immigration | Cornyn Campaign

Chris Matthews On His Obama Interview: “He Came To Us. He Came Amongst Us.” | Mary Katharine Ham, HotAir

Zombie Government | Ricochet

More Men Speaking In Girls’ ‘Dialect’, Study Shows | BBC

Fark: The Most Obnoxious Baby Names of 2013 | Mother Nature Network

What In The Science Is Going On?
#wat: Scientists Predict A Century Of Global Cooling | Daily Caller

#lolWAT: More Logging, Deforestation May Better Serve Climate in Some Areas | Science Daily

What In The Tweet Is Going On?


jocose joh-KOHS, juh- adjective : given to or characterized by joking; jesting; humorous; playful: a jocose and amusing manner.
(via Dictionary.com)

Example: No example. The pressure to write one in a jocose manner is just too great.


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