WWGO - November 30, 2013


Today is November 30th. On this date in 1776, the Howe brothers offered amnesty to those who would declare themselves loyal to the British crown. But to be fair, it was mostly Ben’s idea. Today is also Computer Security Day, founded in 1988, which is a day to review security policy and processes for computers and networks across the country. To celebrate, the Obama administration is relaunching healthcare.gov with “limitless” security risks and threats to your personal data. Hope, Change! Below, please find today’s links and, as usual, consider this an Open Thread.



Obama Letter To Conservative: I’Ve Been Quite Respectful Of You Tea-Baggers | Mary Katharine Ham

Health Care Site Rushing to Make Fixes by Sunday | New York Times
Via Amanda Carpenter, who tweets “Um…healthcare-dot-gov wasn’t running on dedicated servers? Whoa.”

Walmart Prosters Astroturf Their Own Protest With SEIU Branded Megaphones | Weasel Zippers

ABC Preaches the ‘Gospel of Polyamory’ | Newsbusters

On Obamacare “Improvements” | Pejman Yousefzadeh

Obama vs. Snowden for TIME’s Person of the Year | PFOL

Awesomeness of the Day
For Sale: Spacious Hand-Carved Cave Cathedral | Messy Nessy

What In The Science Is Going On?
Cancel The Comet Party: ISON In Undeniable Trouble | Examiner.com

Weakest Atlantic Storm Season In 31 Years Coming To A Close; ‘Al Gore Hardest Hit’ | Twitchy

How The Internet Would Have Covered The First Thanksgiving | Me
Yes, linking to my own post. Editorial discretion what what?

What In The Tweet Is Going On?



suppletory SUHP-li-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee adjective : supplying a deficiency.
(via Dictionary.com)

Example: The WWGO serves as a suppletory information source for those who browse the web for news, information, and things that are awesome.



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