WWGO - November 26, 2013


Today is November 26th. On this date in 1922, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon became the first people to enter the tomb of King Tut in three millenia. The tomb was a treasure trove, and many of the artifacts found were to become the most famous ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world, including Tut’s golden sarcophagus. Solid gold coffins are so three thousand years ago. Mine will be made entirely of Legos and bumper stickers and shaped like a giant McDonald’s value meal. BECAUSE AMERICA. And speaking of America, below please find today’s links and read them all, or you hate freedom. As usual, consider this an Open Thread.



Iran Accuses the Obama Administration of, Get This, Lying About What Their Agreement Says | Ace of Spades HQ

Charlie Rangel Attacks Tea Party, Says Obama Should Rule Like Dictator | Examiner

Uh Oh: Another ObamaCare “Success” Story Turns Sour For White House | Ed Morrissey

Why Voters Are Finished Believing Obama’s Health Care Promises | Byron York

Video: Dana Perino on the Success of “The Five” | RCP

How Did You Learn To Be Thankful? | Richochet

What In The World Is Going On At This Starbucks? | Rare

Farmer’s Parody Video Goes Viral: ‘What Does The Farmer Say?’ | LA Times

What In The Tweet Is Going On?



insuperable in-SOO-puh-ruh-bul adjective : incapable of being surmounted, overcome, passed over, or solved
(via Merriam-Webster)

Example: Getting people to comment on the WWGO is proving to be an insuperable challenge!



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