WWGO - November 23, 2013


Today is November 23rd. On this date in 1859, notorious gun-slinger Billy the Kid was born in New York City. At the time of his birth he was known as Henry the Crybaby. (Doctors were really weird back then.) It was widely believed at the time that he would not have grown up to be a stone cold killer if he had been covered by Obamacare. Also, today is Fibonacci Sequence Day. Fibonacci Sequence Day. Fibonacci Sequence Day Fibonacci Sequence Day. Fibonacci Sequence Day Fibonacci Sequence Day Fibonacci Sequence Day. And so on. … I have no humorous segue from that, but please find the links below and, as usual, consider this an Open Thread.



Disgusting… Tom Brokaw: People In Conservative States Wanted Kennedy Shot | Gateway Pundit

See Also:
Tom Brokaw Shredded For Claim People In Red States Wanted JFK Shot | Twitchy

SF Chronicle Column Links Tea Party to JFK Assassination | Big Journalism

Rob Lowe: How much press will Duke accuser’s murder conviction get? | Twitchy

How License-Plate Scanners Are Eroding Our Privacy | Popular Mechanics

MSNBC Host: Newborn Infants Don’t Aren’t ‘Alive’ Unless Parents Say So | Real News

Secret “Obamacare Of Trade Treaties” Pres Wants Signed Without Congress | Lee Stranahan

“Who In The World Should We Call?”
“CALL EVERYBODY!” – Police Search For Woman With No Pants On | WGHP

‘Refusal will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child’s educational record…’ | Danie Hannan

What In The Tweet Is Going On?



Svengali sven-GAH-lee noun : a person who manipulates or exerts excessive control over another
(via Merriam-Webster)

Example: Barack Obama is Joan Walsh’s Svengali, who is in turn an abusive Svengali to her pet ferret, Rosie O’Dorable.



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