WWGO - November 17, 2013


Today is November 17th. On this date in 1913, Kaiser Wilhelm banned the German military from dancing the tango. Wilhelm was also the last German Emperor. Coincidence? Also on this date, in 1970, the USSR landed a remote controlled vehicle on the moon, where it danced the tango. It was one small step for unmanned, one giant leap for our eventual robot overlords. Beep boop beep! Now please see today’s links below and, as always, consider this an Open Thread.



When the Obama Magic Died | Fouad Ajami
(via Ace of Spades HQ)

Flashback: Martin Bashir’s Flippant Slavery Analogy | Big Journalism

Pelosi Gets Grilled Over False Obamacare Promises on ‘Meet the Press’ | Free Beacon

Well. Sure. Why Not. Of course. | Ricochet

Video: SNL’s Hilarious Fake Ad For Obama’s Paxil | Rare

Mary Katharine Ham Has Message For ‘Scat Porn’ Palin Fetishist Martin Bashir | Twitchy

In Today’s “Gee I Wonder If This Guy Is A D or an R” Puzzle
San Francisco City Official Attacks #SFBatKid’s Make-A-Wish Event | Townhall

What In The Science Is Going On?
Skeptic of Global Warming Alarmists Addresses 50k In Warsw | Daily Caller

Deformed, Pointy Skull from Dark Ages Unearthed in France | Yahoo!

Two Galaxies Caught Masquerading as One | Science Daily


What In The Tweet Is Going On?


teetotum tee-TO-tuhm noun : A spinning top.
(via Wordsmith.org)

Example: In Inception, Cobb’s totem was a teetotum. OMG HEAD ASPLODES.



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