WWGO - November 16, 2013


Today is November 16th. On this date in 1952, Lucy first held the football for Charlie Brown. I won’t tell you what happened next, I hate spoilers. Today is also “The International Day for Tolerance.” an observance started by UNESCO. It’s much nicer than “The International Day for Intolerance” which was created by people tired of tolerating Ben Howe. WE HAD OUR REASONS. Also on this date, in today, I put links to stuff in the post below. So click on them already. And as usual, please consider this an Open Thread.



Thus Spake Obama | Mark Steyn

More People Signed Petition to Build Death Star Than Signed Up for Obamacare | Pundit Press

Hey, Martin Bashir: OWS Protesters Likened Debt To Slavery, Too | Twitchy

Civil War: MSNBC Attacks Bill Clinton Over Obamacare Comments | Hot Air

Ed. Cartoon: Thank You, Your Highness | Rare

MSNBC: Where Hosts Say What They Want Without Consequence | PFOL
(ed.’s note: The linked Lawrence O’Donnell clip in this post made me LOL. He’s looking to throw down if anybody’s great-grandma is looking for a minor workout.)

Bitter-tude of the Day
Man Buys House Next To Ex-Wife, Erects Giant Middle Finger Statue | Fox Detroit

What In The Science Is Going On?
Facepalm: David Cameron Doesn’t Understand Difference Between Climate And
| Guardian

The Global Warming God Strikes Again | FrontPage Mag

What In The Tweet Is Going On?



con amore kon uh-MAWR-ee, -MAWR-ey adverb : 1. with love, tender enthusiasm, or zeal.
2. tenderly and lovingly (used as a musical direction).
(via Dictionary.com)

Example: He gathered the links con amore, that all might be enlightened about what in the world was going on.



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