WWGO - November 14, 2013


Today is November 14th. On this date in 1832, New York City’s first streetcar went into operation. Contrary to popular belief, it was not named “Desire” but rather “Moderate Interest.” (People were more circumspect in those days.) Also, today is National Pickle Day, notably celebrated in Tacoma with a city-wide pickle hunt. Ah pickle hunting. That really takes me back to my childhood. Who can forget the joy of finding a pickle and knowing that you would get to eat that day?! Speaking of hunting, below, please find the links I’ve bagged for today and, as always, consider this an Open Thread.



Americans 34 Times More Interested In Buying Guns Than Obamacare | Zero Hedge
(via @baseballcrank)

Schadenfreudalicious | Sunshine State Sarah

Millennials, Sit Down and Shut Up | What’s Wrong With The World

Obama: No One Informed Me That the Website Wouldn’t Be Working | Fox Nation

Not So Fast: Young People Say ‘No Thanks’ To O-Care | Twitchy

Aid for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines | Samaritan’s Purse

Awesomeness of the Day
Guy 3D Prints His Own Iron Man Helmet That Looks Like The Real Thing | Geekosystem

What In The Science Is Going On?
Aussies Buck Environmentalists, Fight To Repeal Global Warming Taxes | Daily Caller

Repent For The Sin Of Denying Global Warming, Says Theologian | Daily Caller

World’s Oldest Creature Killed By Global Warming Scientists Checking Its Age | Mail Online

What In The Tweet Is Going On?



gormless GORM-lus adjective : lacking intelligence : stupid
(via Merriam-Webster)

Example: Check out this gormless MSNBC host’s Touré de force of facepalm.
(h/t @LeonHWolf)



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